About Me

I’m a data science guy based in Washington, D.C. I’m a lifelong technology lover, problem-solver, Mr. Fix-It, Mr. Build-It, and Mr. Take-It-Apart-To-See-How-it-Works. I get deep, personal satisfaction when I am able to help someone–a client, a colleague, a friend–with something they want to accomplish or understand. My favorite phrase to both hear and say is, “Cool, I get it!”

This site houses my personal blog, with a portfolio section in the works (stay tuned!). I primarily write about data, data science, and technology, but I always allow room for general nerdery because it’s fun.

When I’m not working on a data project, I’m usually playing with my son, exploring a new trail, listening to music, or trying to coax the coals to stay at that low-and-slow sweet spot. I like sci-fi movies and TV. There might be clues about my favorite show hidden on this site…

What Does “Mike_S(n)” Mean?

The short version is, there are a lot of us in this world named Mike S. But even in that long (and noble?) list, eventually for n in Mike_S you’ll find me. ;)